Baloo’s Rage: A pomeranian fights back

5 06 2011

Cubanness in Madison, Wisc.

5 06 2011

Baloo Quiere Café

18 03 2011

A pomeranian dances for some Cuban coffee.

¡Se Van a Casar!

21 02 2011

Another pre-wedding video from Miami. This time, Carlos puts his own nuptial spin on the Cuban classic “Que Viva Changó”.

One of the few dissenting voices at the Madison protests

19 02 2011

This guy was one of the few vocal demonstrators in favor the legislation most people were protesting today on Madison’s Capitol Square.

Pictures of some other demonstrators and their signs coming soon.

I’m not quite “pink tank top girl”

17 10 2010

A friend recently let me play around with her Shake Weight. I have never felt so stupid using an exercise product.

Saturday Night Live hit the nail on the head with their Shake Weight informercial spoof a while back.


I might start practicing for the next Shake Weight for Men DVD.