The view from Scotty’s

7 06 2011

Had drinks with old friends at Scotty’s Landing in Miami today. Great view, so I thought I would post the stitched panorama here.


Foreign languages can be funny when you don’t speak them.

6 06 2011

Had lunch at Bangkok Bangkok in Miami. Thai menus are funny to those of us who don’t speak Thai.

Do I want to know how brow rice is made?

Curry never tasted so freaky.

News Flash: Miamians don’t eat pork.

6 06 2011

Is this guy living in a different Miami?

Took this picture from the latest issue of American Way.

¡Se Van a Casar!

21 02 2011

Another pre-wedding video from Miami. This time, Carlos puts his own nuptial spin on the Cuban classic “Que Viva Changó”.

¡Qué Rico Está El Novio!

16 02 2011

Nothing says “wedding day” more than getting Spanish catcalls from your own groomsmen while you have your picture taken at the church.

Looking for the right works

12 10 2010

I’m not sure this is the company I want to word for, but the listing got my attention.

The writing on the wall… on the truck

9 09 2010

I was stopped at a red light when I noticed that truck in front of me was riddled with messages from people who, apparently, had nothing better to do that scribble things into the dirt and dust on the truck’s door.

Here is a photo I took on my phone, followed by some close-up views of the more intriguing details.

This was my view at the corner of SW 136 St. and US1.

Where yo hood at? Someone felt a need to immortalize Carol City. At least until the truck got washed. Which isn't really immortal. Nevermind.

In case you were wondering... penis.

Cubanazo finger graffiti. ¿Qué bolá acere?

Last but not least, some advertising someone decided to donate to Best Buy.