Foreign languages can be funny when you don’t speak them.

6 06 2011

Had lunch at Bangkok Bangkok in Miami. Thai menus are funny to those of us who don’t speak Thai.

Do I want to know how brow rice is made?

Curry never tasted so freaky.


Isénchal fréises – What every new English-speaker must learn to get by

10 05 2010

I was at my grandmother’s house yesterday when I came across an interesting book.

Inglés Fácil Para Todos: Habla Inglés Leyendo en Español

I took pictures of some of the most crucial lessons in this book. Ai jop yu enchoi.

Lesson 1: Stating the obvious — If you are learning English from this book, people probably won't need you to use the last item on this page.

Lesson 2: Taking the law into your own hands — When police response time leaves something to be desired, just let people know you won't be twiddling your thumbs. Ai uíl guét yu!

No me importa nada

Lesson 3: In America, we don't take sh*t from nobody. Note the woman's giddy expression as she lays down the law.

Lesson 4: The human body. Also handy for Disney vacations when looking for Mickey Mouth. I meán... Máus.

Lesson 5: Whatever happens, send people to hell.