Pinga for Senate

9 06 2011

Some jokes don’t ever need to be written.

Tremenda campaña… de Pinga.

Photo Courtesy of Friends of Michael Pinga... Amigos de Pinga


Foreign languages can be funny when you don’t speak them.

6 06 2011

Had lunch at Bangkok Bangkok in Miami. Thai menus are funny to those of us who don’t speak Thai.

Do I want to know how brow rice is made?

Curry never tasted so freaky.

¡Se Van a Casar!

21 02 2011

Another pre-wedding video from Miami. This time, Carlos puts his own nuptial spin on the Cuban classic “Que Viva Changó”.

¡Qué Rico Está El Novio!

16 02 2011

Nothing says “wedding day” more than getting Spanish catcalls from your own groomsmen while you have your picture taken at the church.

Every day, I see Teton

4 11 2010

Alright, so maybe you have to be a Spanish speaker to find this funny… but I am. So I do.

Since my recent move from Miami to Madison, Wisc., I’ve been taking the bus to work and laughing every day when I pass by a certain building and its namesake street.

I couldn't help but laugh when I first walked by the Teton building. And also every time since then.

It only makes me laugh harder when I am reminded about a block later that the Teton Professional Center is located on Grand Teton Plaza.

Where can I apply for this job?

17 10 2010

I would love to get paid to come up with product names. Here’s one of the most inspired ones I’ve come across lately.

Kudos to the person who came up with this one.