Pinga for Senate

9 06 2011

Some jokes don’t ever need to be written.

Tremenda campaña… de Pinga.

Photo Courtesy of Friends of Michael Pinga... Amigos de Pinga


Sale on torrential rain

15 10 2010

Nothing like a good tropical store…

Click here for the article from ACN (Cuban News Agency).

Isénchal fréises – What every new English-speaker must learn to get by

10 05 2010

I was at my grandmother’s house yesterday when I came across an interesting book.

Inglés Fácil Para Todos: Habla Inglés Leyendo en Español

I took pictures of some of the most crucial lessons in this book. Ai jop yu enchoi.

Lesson 1: Stating the obvious — If you are learning English from this book, people probably won't need you to use the last item on this page.

Lesson 2: Taking the law into your own hands — When police response time leaves something to be desired, just let people know you won't be twiddling your thumbs. Ai uíl guét yu!

No me importa nada

Lesson 3: In America, we don't take sh*t from nobody. Note the woman's giddy expression as she lays down the law.

Lesson 4: The human body. Also handy for Disney vacations when looking for Mickey Mouth. I meán... Máus.

Lesson 5: Whatever happens, send people to hell.