Do-Or-Die toilet

5 06 2011

In this bathroom stall at Chicago's O'Hare, there is no room for mediocrity. Do or die.


Heat makes you invincible.

5 06 2011

These people might be slightly overstating the benefits of “heat” during yoga.

Norwegian monument in Madison

5 06 2011

Cubanness in Madison, Wisc.

5 06 2011

Foggy in Madison

21 03 2011

Just a couple of pictures I took during one of my routine bouts with insomnia. I think fog means it’s warming up a bit. But I might be making that up.

Baloo Quiere Café

18 03 2011

A pomeranian dances for some Cuban coffee.

¡Se Van a Casar!

21 02 2011

Another pre-wedding video from Miami. This time, Carlos puts his own nuptial spin on the Cuban classic “Que Viva Changó”.