El bloguero

This blog got it’s start on April 14, 2010 for the purpose of absolutely nothing at all. It’s the place where I’ll put things I think, things I do, things I find, and things I don’t know what else to do with, so long as I find it at least somewhat interesting. Hopefully you’ll agree.

For those of you who don’t know me: I’m Nick Jiménez, 23 year-old Cuban American by birth and, you might say, by trade as well. I’m the founder and chairman at Caimán Journalism Training, a nonprofit that was formed to design and develop training and capacity-building programs for independent journalists in Cuba.

An education under Jesuits (in middle school and high school) and then journalists (in college) put my formative years squarely in the hands of people who believe they are superior to the rest of mankind. This has rubbed off on me.


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