¡Se Van a Casar!

21 02 2011

Another pre-wedding video from Miami. This time, Carlos puts his own nuptial spin on the Cuban classic “Que Viva Changó”.


Photos from today’s protest in Madison, Wisc.

19 02 2011

Here are some pictures I took while walking around the Wisconsin capitol today.

This protester's sign depicts Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with a rolled up copy of his proposed budget legislation rolled up and shoved into his butt.

These were two of only about ten dissenting signs I saw at the protest today.


One of the few dissenting voices at the Madison protests

19 02 2011

This guy was one of the few vocal demonstrators in favor the legislation most people were protesting today on Madison’s Capitol Square.

Pictures of some other demonstrators and their signs coming soon.

¡Qué Rico Está El Novio!

16 02 2011

Nothing says “wedding day” more than getting Spanish catcalls from your own groomsmen while you have your picture taken at the church.