A review of Total Recall… almost.

29 01 2011

A friend and I embark on our first, and perhaps last last, journey into the world of film criticism.


Perfect timing

27 01 2011

Slipped on a bit of ice early in the morning and sprained my ankle pretty badly.

Then I got a very useful package in the mail later that day.

Slipped on a patch of ice yesterday and sprained my ankle pretty badly.

Later the same day, I got these in the mail.

Obviously, they came just in time.

These spikes would have come in pretty handy on the walk to work. Next time.

Café… in color

25 01 2011

This is how you know you're a young Cuban American in Wisconsin: smart phone, winter gloves and cafecito.


The Cheesehead Who Loved Me

24 01 2011

Nick and Kate star in an intense, action-packed film about love, suction cups and the element of surprise.

White Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

17 01 2011

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

New Year’s Eve bottle and cup

3 01 2011

Two brands I never thought would be simultaneous parts of my Christmas Eve celebration. It wasn’t until I was well into this bottle of Black Label that I realized I had served it to myself in a plastic cup my hosts use to measure their dog’s food.

Purina One and Johnny Walker Black Label. A match made in dog heaven.