Somewhere between Milwaukee and Oconomowoc

15 11 2010

The clearest sign that hunting season in in full swing…


This is Beverly Hills, and these are the…

7 11 2010

Just another sign that makes me laugh a bit on my way to work.

Some of the tenants in my office building. I wonder if the Hicks are related to the Hillbillies.

On the bus in Madison

5 11 2010

Every day, I see Teton

4 11 2010

Alright, so maybe you have to be a Spanish speaker to find this funny… but I am. So I do.

Since my recent move from Miami to Madison, Wisc., I’ve been taking the bus to work and laughing every day when I pass by a certain building and its namesake street.

I couldn't help but laugh when I first walked by the Teton building. And also every time since then.

It only makes me laugh harder when I am reminded about a block later that the Teton Professional Center is located on Grand Teton Plaza.