Not that I was going before…

5 10 2010

My understanding—and I readily admit that maybe I just don’t understand—is that Joe García is, at least ostensibly, running as a moderate Democrat.

If that’s the case, my guess is you want to cozy up to moderate voters… and maybe even some disillusioned conservatives.

Assuming I’m getting all this right, here’s a suggestion for Joe: Don’t have people send messages to all your fund-raiser/birthday party invitees when their profile picture thumbnails are centered on Nancy Pelosi.

A close-up. I've cropped out the person whose profile picture this is.

If this were a personal event, it wouldn’t be an issue (and I wouldn’t have been invited to begin with), but it’s clearly a campaign thing. As such, you’d think somebody would do something to make sure volunteers help avoid this sort of thing.

But who knows… maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Nancy Pelosi is just the sort of image they want on birthday party and donation reminders.




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