Where can I apply for this job?

17 10 2010

I would love to get paid to come up with product names. Here’s one of the most inspired ones I’ve come across lately.

Kudos to the person who came up with this one.


I’m not quite “pink tank top girl”

17 10 2010

A friend recently let me play around with her Shake Weight. I have never felt so stupid using an exercise product.

Saturday Night Live hit the nail on the head with their Shake Weight informercial spoof a while back.


I might start practicing for the next Shake Weight for Men DVD.

Online Aburrimiento — Week ending 08.16.2010

16 10 2010

The interesting, the funny and the weird. This is the best stuff I came across online this week.

  • A young Justin Bieber fan “declares war” on “haters”. This isn’t making the list on its own merit, but because I find it amazing that this nonsense has been viewed over 254,000 times. Obviously, I’m not helping by spreading it around. (Note: There’s some pro-Justin Bieber, anti-heavy metal cursing here.)
  • Carlos the call center guy resorts to some of the most hilarious name-calling I’ve heard in a while.

Sale on torrential rain

15 10 2010

Nothing like a good tropical store…

Click here for the article from ACN (Cuban News Agency).

Why your colons are so important

14 10 2010

Saw this headline in the New York Times today. (Note: My guess is plenty of others caught this, so the link might have a corrected headline.)

Did the U.S. aid the Taliban in order to attend peace talks? Or did U.S. aids say the Taliban would attend the peace talks?


Looking for the right works

12 10 2010

I’m not sure this is the company I want to word for, but the listing got my attention.

If you love steak and you love whipped cream

11 10 2010

I was grilling steaks at a friend’s house tonight. Long after the dinner had ended, her brother heated up some of the left over churrasco and  topped it with whipped cream.


Chocolate cake on the left. Steak on the right. Whipped cream all over.


Anybody else out there do this? I know some people like to mix sweet and savory flavors, but this looked nuts to me.