“I met a sweet girl, and she doesn’t make me break out in a rash.”

28 06 2011

Skimming through the titles available to be streamed on Netflix, I came across this gem and thought that I should put it somewhere everybody could see.

I haven’t seen this movie. I probably won’t. I’m not a fan of anime. This is almost definitely a terrible thing to spend time watching. But with a description like this, how could a person not be at least a little bit curious:

Girls Bravo

After catching Kirie in the bath, Yukinari takes a kick to the face. He wakes up in a distant world and meets Miharu. She’s a sweet girl, and best of all, she doesn’t make Yukinari break out in a rash.

This show is either extremely bizarre, very naughty, or both. It’s hard to tell.


The most unnecessary “out of order” sign ever

21 06 2011



Really? Are you sure I can’t use that ATM? I might try anyway.

Pinga for Senate

9 06 2011

Some jokes don’t ever need to be written.

Tremenda campaña… de Pinga.

Photo Courtesy of Friends of Michael Pinga... Amigos de Pinga

The view from Scotty’s

7 06 2011

Had drinks with old friends at Scotty’s Landing in Miami today. Great view, so I thought I would post the stitched panorama here.

Foreign languages can be funny when you don’t speak them.

6 06 2011

Had lunch at Bangkok Bangkok in Miami. Thai menus are funny to those of us who don’t speak Thai.

Do I want to know how brow rice is made?

Curry never tasted so freaky.

News Flash: Miamians don’t eat pork.

6 06 2011

Is this guy living in a different Miami?

Took this picture from the latest issue of American Way.

Baloo’s Rage: A pomeranian fights back

5 06 2011